#Werewolf Rules

Gameplay rules

  • Players may not share information or be involved in gameplay-related communications after dying (including dead vengeful ghosts).
  • Do not paste gameplay-related messages that came from outside of #werewolf (such as from a private message with the bot or another player, safe channel, or wolf chat) during the game.
  • Don’t make tedious hints. Hashing/encoding hints and messing with colors can be uncreative and boring. If asked to stop doing it, stop and find a more fun way of hinting.
  • Don’t play with clones; only one player per actual person is allowed. Any player found to be using clones will immediately be banned from the game.
  • Don’t fake gameplay messages from the bot.
  • Don’t use /whois idle times.
  • Don’t quit or deliberately idle out after a game has started unless you really need to leave.
  • Automatic sharing of game-related information, including but not limited to automated messages to the bot or other players, is not permitted.
  • Waiting for timeouts is discouraged.
  • Don’t idle as a night-acting role. Failing to act at night harms your team and may make it obvious which role you are.